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Combining collaborative data stewardship, a robust data processing engine, multiple deployment options, and enterprise-proven capabilities, our goal is to provide you with a single platform to analyze, process, manage, monitor, and provide data.

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Build what we do best, borrow what we don’t

What Prime Data Research has that no other vendor has is simple: We know what we do best, and we know what others do better.

Why can’t mid-sized organizations have the best in business intelligence tools? That’s the question that launched Prime Data Research and what still drives it today.

Ready-to-go data connectors

Data connectors, ready to go and trouble free, was the second great innovation. Today, Prime Data Research Analytics connects to most ERP and CRM systems used by mid-sized organizations.

Fast, hands-on start for users

Most DATA solutions out there start with a very small set of reports and dashboards. Users will then spend a great amount of time learning how to use the tool and building their own reports. Reality is, though every business is unique, most businesses have many metrics and reports in common.

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